Tulip is the last stop for everybody at The Children’s Room. This is where the children are prepared for their first taste of school which is now not far away.

“I keep telling Ryan that he must concentrate in Tulip as all of the letters and numbers they learn will be used at big school. I think however he is more concerned as to whether or not he will still be able to dress up or have stories in book corner when he gets there!”Claire, mum of Ryan aged 4

A day in the life of Tulip

  • 08.00     Breakfast and free play
  • 09.00      Circle time
  • 10.00      Planned / spontaneous activities
  • 11.30       Hand washing and lunchtime
  • 12.15       Toilet, hand washing and teeth cleaning
  • 12.30      Reading in book corner and outside play
  • 14.15       Snack time
  • 15.30      Planned / spontaneous activities
  • 16.00     Teatime
  • 16.30     Outside play, free play singing and stories
  • 18.30     Home time

What do I do at playtime?

Everybody enjoys the activities in tulip; from playing in the water tray to playing musical instruments.

What else can I play with?

Lego / Tills and play money / Polly Pocket / Trains, cars and garage / Musical instruments / Stickle Bricks / Peg board / Magnetic letters / Mecano / Mobilo / Books / Puzzles / Board games / Bee bot / Computer / Bikes, scooters & climbing frame / Sand & water / Home corner / Dolls.

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