Tulip is the last stop for everybody at The Children’s Room. This is where the children are prepared for their first taste of school which is now not far away.

As children get closer to primary then the Tulip team start to develop children’s independence and more school routines. Children have the chance to do circle time and show and tell. They are encouraged to look after their own needs such as getting water and snacks, going to the toilet independently and putting on their own coat and shoes. We aim to send them on their way brimming with confidence and achieving their greatest developmental potential ready to thrive in reception.

“I keep telling Ryan that he must concentrate in Tulip as all of the letters and numbers they learn will be used at big school. I think however he is more concerned as to whether or not he will still be able to dress up or have stories in book corner when he gets there!” Claire, mum of Ryan aged 4

A day in the life of Tulip

The Tulip Team support our 3 and a half to 4 year olds to reach their key milestones which include:

  • using longer sentences and talking fluently
  • playing games with friends and resolving conflicts
  • manage their own personal hygiene
  • using one handed tools and developing fine motor skills
  • learning songs, joining in with stories and enjoy rhyiming
  • recognising some words including their name
  • writing some letters and their name
  • comparing size, weight or shape of objects
  • creating patterns and understanding simple counting and number values
  • talking about the people in their lives and who they are
  • learning about nature, the world and other countries


How is learning supported in Tulip room?

Every child in Tulip Room will have a key person who is carefully observing and assessing their progress. On a three weekly cycle they will plan adult led activities for each of their children and give them plenty of chance to practice these to help them progress and develop. The key person works closely with parents to support their child’s development at home as well. Parents receive regular photos of their child in nursery as well as a monthly progress report and termly parents evenings.

What type of resources are on offer?

Construction and wood working/ gardening/ simple writing activities/ arts and crafts/ small world and role play/ cooking/ Montessori resources supporting mathematical skills


Laura Bedford

Trainee Early Years Practitioner

Laura has joined the nursery with her Level 2, while working towards her Level 3 and is a new and enthusiastic member of the team. She loves playing with children and telling them stories and finds working with littles one funny and interesting.

Lorraine Moxon

Early Years Practitioner

Lorraine is a trusted and enthusiastic member of the Tulip room team supporting our preschoolers through their final year of nursery as they learn more and more new skills. She has her level 3 and is passionate about helping children learn and develop and go from strength to strength.

Nicki Sayer

PreSchool Room Lead

Our preschool room lead Nicki is a highly experienced and trusted member of the nursery team. She guides our children through the final year of nursery as they get ready for big school. She has her Level 5 and has been part of the team for nearly 5 years. She finds working with children incredibly rewarding and just thinks they are all amazing. She also loves purple and has purple hair which is pretty fabulous!