Sweetpea is our baby room; we accommodate children from the age of 3 months and they stay in this room until they are walking comfortably around 15 – 18 months old.

There is plenty to do in Sweetpea, however we follow the child’s routine as we value and recognise that every child is an individual. Therefore children sleep when they’re used to sleeping and given bottles when they have them at home, once settled we slowly introduce them into the routine of the nursery. Wherever possible the children are taken for walks in buggies and enjoy outdoor play to give them plenty of fresh air.

“At her time of life Ruby is easily pleased, all she needs is a full tummy, a clean nappy and plenty to keep her amused; thankfully everybody in Sweetpea knows this so she is always happy to come to nursery” Kristy, mum of Ruby aged 12 months

A day in the life of Sweetpea

  • 08.00   Breakfast and free play
  • 10.00    Snack, planned / spontaneous activities
  • 11.30    Lunchtime
  • 12.15    Sleep time / quiet time
  • 14.00    Snack, planned / spontaneous activities
  • 15.30    Teatime
  • 16.00    Free play
  • 18.30    Home time

What do I do at playtime?

The children have several activities out per day in Sweetpea; all activities are developed from each individual child’s needs to ensure continuous progress is made. The usual favourite is messy play time.

What else can I play with?

Soft books / Baby gyms / Building blocks / Ball pool / Roll-a-long toys / Bubbles and musical instruments

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