Sweetpea is our baby room; children start here from the age of 3 months and stay until they are walking comfortably around 15 – 18 months old.

For our youngest babies the most important thing of all is secure attachment. Every baby is assigned a key person who works closely with their parents to make the transition to nursery as safe and happy as possible. We always follow the baby’s own routines and keep parents updated on a daily basis with how they are progressing. Our babies have lots of time being held and engaged with which enables them to thrive. Our environment is designed to give them plenty of room to roam but also with soft and cosy areas to snuggle up in.

“We have had nothing but positive experiences with The Children’s Room Day Nursery. My youngest is currently in the Sweetpea room and absolutely loves it. The staff are really fantastic and she bounds in excitedly every morning! ” Hayley – Mum

A day in the life of Sweetpea

The Sweetpea Team support our babies to reach their key milestones:

  • calm themselves through being comforted by others
  • express their emotions
  • form strong attachments to specific individuals
  • listen and respond to familiar voices
  • say their first words
  • learn to walk
  • learn to hold things with their hands

How is learning supported in Sweetpea?

All areas of development in the first year of life are planned for and supported in the baby room. We recognise that babies do not develop in a fixed way. ‘Their development is like a spider’s web with many strands, not a straight line.’ Therefore every baby has their own key person who makes sure activities are planned for them individually taking in to account their interests and stage of development, focussing in particular on the three prime areas of learning: communication and language, physical development and social and emotional development.

What type of resources are on offer?

Cosy, soft areas for tummy time and stories / messy areas for sensory exploration/ blocks and stands to support cruising and walking / lots of open ended resources


Rebecca Ryan

Early Years Practitioner

Rebecca is part of the Sweetpea team, nurturing our babies when the first come to nursery. She has been part of the team for 4 years and has her Level 3 qualification. She loves helping children learn, watching them grow and listening to their stories.

Sandra Whiteley

Early Years Practitioner

Sandra has been part of the team for over 3 years and has a Diploma in Early Years Development. She is a committed member of the baby room. She loves helping the children grow and flourish and finds it extremely rewarding when the children reach their developmental milestones.

Mariella Caruso

Room Leader

Having worked alongside Jade in our baby room for the last 3 years, Mariella, who has her level 3 qualification loves the fulfilment and sense of reward from watching babies learn and grow through the day to day engagement and development she gives them.

Jade Hunt

Sweetpea Room Leader

Jade, is the leader of baby room and has been with the nursery for 7 years. With level 3 Early Years Status, Jade finds it very rewarding seeing babies reach  their milestones and do things for the first time.