Poppy room is for our two and half year olds through to when they are confident to transition to preschool.

As children progress from 2 to 3 years old their is normally a rapid development of language and sense of self which we focus on supporting and amplifying in Poppy Room. At this stage our children tend to grow enormously in independence; feeding themselves and tidying up after themselves and really begining to express their own wants and needs. We spend a lot of time listening and watching to spot where we can take children forward with their learning.

“Since joining Poppy, I have seen marvelllous changes in Hannah’s behaviour, manners and confidence; she has also become far more independent and has a wonderful sense of self esteem” Gordon, Dad

A day in the life of Poppy

The Poppy Team support our 2 year olds to reach their key milestones:

  • form relationships with other children
  • express own preferences and interests
  • focus on indvidial tasks or activities
  • listen and join in with songs and rhymes
  • learns lots of new words and understands a lot too!
  • start to run, balance, jump
  • eat and drink independently
  • learns favourites rhymes, fill in the word gaps
  • know first numbers and words

How is learning supported in Poppy room?

The room is laid out in different areas which are full of provocations for learning; these will include places to make noise and build and explore, quieter areas to look at books or focus on individual activites as well as opportunities to take part in imaginative and small world play. As with all our rooms learning is supported through a combination of child led play and scaffolded learning to take children forward in their development.

What type of resources are on offer?

Resources include open ended resources made from natural materials, treasure baskets, lots of time in the outdoor classroom with water play and areas to climb and balance and explore.


Chloe Parker

Early Years Practitioner

Chloe is one of the smiley faces to greet you in Poppy Room. She has been with the nursery for 2 years and will soon receive her Level 3. She relishes the opportunity to bond with children, build their trust and watch them grow.

Heather Pinnington

Deputy & Room Lead

Heather is one of our Deputies as well as room lead in Poppy room with our super energetic 2 year olds. Having worked at the nursery for 10 years her kind manner and expertise guides children through a busy period of life full of lots of transitions. She loves the way children love to learn new things and are so interested in everything!

Kersty Merison

Early Years Practitioner

Kersty works in Poppy Room with our two year olds as they become more independent individuals. She has been with the nursery for 5 years, is a Level 3 Early Years Professional and loves planning new and exciting activities for the children in her care.