Poppy is where the children’s personalities excel. We promote their holistic development through planned activities, a stimulating fun environment and positive interactions.

“Since joining Poppy, I have seen marvelllous changes in Hannah’s behaviour, manners and confidence; she has also become far more independent and has a wonderful sense of self esteem” Gordon, dad of Hannah aged 2 years 7 months

A day in the life of Poppy

  • 08.00     Breakfast
  • 08.45      Free play (including outdoor play)
  • 09.25      Activities and circle time
  • 10.00     Snack time
  • 10.15      Planned / spontaneous activities
  • 11.15       Circle time then handwashing for lunchtime
  • 12.15      Sleep time or quiet activities
  • 14.00     Snack time
  • 14.30     Planned / spontaneous activities
  • 15.30     Teatime
  • 16.00     Free play (including outdoor play)
  • 18.30     Home time

What do I do at playtime?

Playtime includes painting, sticking and role play which encourage the children to become independent through freedom of choice. The variety of activities as well as the interaction with staff also encourages individual development.

What else can I play with?

Activities include: Play dough / Home corner / Sand & water / Quiet area with books / Stickle bricks / Lego / Puzzles / Building blocks.

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