In Lily the children are educated through their creative activities and imaginative play. This also creates good opportunities for self expression and personal development.

“Lily has its own private courtyard which I think is lovely. It gives the kids so much more flexibility so if the sun is shining they can do everything outside and enjoy the fresh air”
Nimesh, dad of Trupti aged 2 years 9 months

A day in the life of Lily

  • 08.00     Breakfast and free play
  • 09.15      Circle time
  • 10.00      Snack time
  • 10.15       Planned / spontaneous activities (including outside play)
  • 11.30       Hand washing then lunchtime
  • 12.15       Sleep time, quiet activities or free play
  • 14.00      Snack time
  • 14.15       Planned / spontaneous activities
  • 15.30      Teatime
  • 16.00     Free play
  • 18.30     Home time

What do I do at playtime?

At nursery we build towers with Lego and make flowers out of Octons. We also love to cook in the home corner, and tell the grown ups what we do at home with mummy and daddy.

What else can I play with?

Polly pockets / Home corner / Happy street / Train set / Lego / Tricycles/ Puzzles / Cars / Books / Sand & water / Computer / Animals / Threading.

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