Children stay in Daisy until after their 2nd birthday; learning leaps forward at this stage and children can really begin to explore and have a sense of self.

Within Daisy room the children are at a very inquisitive age and our team support this through creating stimluting environments, scaffolding their learning and carefully observing how they progress. We build strong relationships with parents so we can understand how they are progressing at home as well as school with a detailed daily handover, regular photo updates and a monthly progress report shared with parents.

My daughter has been at Children’s Rooms since she was 15-months-old, and we can’t recommend the school and staff highly enough – it’s warm, friendly, professional; they have taken all the correct measures with regards to Covid and our children are safe, happy and thriving. They are involved in all sorts of activities (indoor and outdoor), the meals are delicious, and they love being at nursery.” Roxanne, Mum

A day in the life of Daisy

The Daisy Team support our rising 2s to reach their key milestones:

  • Playing alongside others
  • Exploring new environments
  • Grows a sense of will and determination
  • Learning to listen to songs & rhymes
  • Understands simple sentences
  • Speak in simple, short sentences
  • Navigates steps
  • Using blocks to build
  • Feeding and drinking independently

How is learning supported in Daisy?

The environment is developed and updated in line with each child’s invidividual progress. Learning is supported through time for child led play as well as adult led activites such as sing and sign to support language development and baby yoga to support movement and coordination. All our toddlers spend time in our outdoor areas at least twice and day and regular local outings to the ducks, wildlife park or other areas of interest are common.

What sort of resources are on offer?

Daisy room is split in to three or four areas which are refreshed on a 3 weekly cycle to support learning and development. With a strong belief in the value and importance of open ended resources (rather than toys) parents are likely to see a block play area, a small world area, opportunities for messy and creative play as well as quiet and cosy areas to read and rest.


Emily Bird

Trainee Early Years Practitioner

Emily is at the begining of the early years journey and has leapt in with enthusiasm to supporting the children in Daisy room. She loves to put a smile on a child's face and seeing how children grow, learn and develop so rapidly at this stage of life.

Sophie Livett

Early Years Practitioner

New to our team this summer Sophie has joined Daisy room and is working towards her Level 3. She is discovering the joy of watching little ones learn and thinking of new things to do with them every day.

Sarah Pollard

Early Years Practitioner

Sarah has been at our nursery for nearly 5 and a half years and is a loyal member of Daisy room. She enjoys watching the children learn, grow and achieve as they progress through the nursery. She enjoys observing the children play and when they become absorbed in their little imagination (even if it only lasts a minute or two).

Jade Garratty

A trusted member of Daisy room, Jade is training for her Level 3 and has been working at our nursery for 2 and a half years. Every day brings something different and she loves forming strong bonds with the little people in her room.

Abigail Olliffe

Room Leader

Abbey is room lead with our busy and active rising 2s in Daisy Room. She finds working with little ones to teach them new skills which so rewarding. She has been at The Children's Room for 6 years and loves the way that every day is still different even after all this time.