Children stay in Daisy until after their 2nd birthday; it is a very busy room with lots of activities and learning opportunities.

Within Daisy the children are at a very inquisitive age and they learn through lots of play and singing time.

“Emily loved moving up into Daisy as she knew she wasn’t a baby anymore!”
John, dad of Emily aged 1 year 3 months

A day in the life of Daisy

  • 08.00     Breakfast and free play
  • 08.45     Free play (including outdoor play)
  • 09.45     Circle time and a snack
  • 10.15      Planned / spontaneous activities
  • 11.30      Lunchtime
  • 12.15      Sleep time
  • 14.00     Snack and planned / spontaneous activities
  • 15.30     Teatime
  • 16.15      Free play (including outdoor play)
  • 18.30     Home time

What do I do at playtime?

The children enjoy learning through lots of new experiences in Daisy such as colours, animals and shapes. Through circle time they enjoy singing and signing songs such as Old McDonald. They also learn how to sit down with their friends and eat meals sociably, as well as how to behave on walks to feed the ducks at the park.

What else can I play with?

Shape sorters / Gloop / Play dough / Slides / Cars / Trucks / Play kitchen / Dressing up / Bunny rabbits.

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