The Children’s Room have become a member of the Early Years Nutrition Partnership. Our on site chef prepares three delicious fresh meals a day sourced from local suppliers.

We are focussed on providing a healthy and varied diet for growing babies through to energetic preschoolers. We also support children to learn healthy eating behaviours and become independent eaters.

We are very aware that ‘in the very early stages of life that dietary habits are ingrained, which gives us a window of time when something can be done to improve nutrition‘ (Christine Pascal, OBE – Centre for the Developing Child)

With this in mind we give careful thought to our menus to ensure a healthy, nutritious, varied and balanced diet is provided. We also cater to children’s various dietary requirements and also allergies.

Our milk comes from the local dairy and our meat and vegetables are from the local farm shop. Wherever possible we serve nothing to the children that is processed or artificial.

Parents are able to login to their EY Log app and see the menus planned for the week.

To learn more about what it means to be part of the Early Years Nutrition Partnership click here


Examples of freshly prepared lunchtime dishes include:

Vegetable macaroni cheese

Vegan lentil ragu with pasta

Fish cakes with new potatoes and peas

Homemade vegetable soup with brown bread rolls and cheese sticks

Roast chicken, potatoes, carrots and broccoli

Meet the Chef

Charmaine is our lovely chef who has been working in the nursery for over a year. She has completed all her training in early years nutrition and working closely with our nutritionist Xanthi to develop the most healthy and beneficial food for children. Charmaine makes all the children’s food fresh on site every single day. 

Our Suppliers

We are lucky enough to be based in a beautiful part of the world with some amazing local suppliers. 

All our milk is delivered daily from Kent Dairy, less than 5 miles down the road. 

All our meat is from the local Kings Farm Shopas well as much of our other fresh produce such as eggs and veg.