We provide 3 meals a day which are all prepared from fresh produce on the premises by our full time cook.

The meat and vegetables come from the local farm shop and wherever possible nothing we serve to the children is processed or artificial. From hot meals to fruit snacks we aim to provide a good balance of nutrition, flavours and textures, flavours and nutrition throughout the day and week. We take every opportunity to develop social skills and table manners with all the children encouraged to eat together from an early age.

Examples of freshly prepared lunchtime dishes include:

  • Tuna pasta bake & broccoli •
  • Steak and onion pie, potatoes & green beans •
  • Vegetable lasagne & garlic bread •
  • Roast chicken, roast potatoes & cabbage •
  • Braised beef, carrots & rice •
  • 3 Fish pie & green beans •
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