Investing in The Children’s Room

The Children’s Room is an independent day nursery in Wendover that takes pride in providing a kind, attentive, safe and inspiring place for children to grow and learn from 0-5 years. The nursery has recently changed ownership and after twenty years in the capable hands of the Dennis family it is now owned by Natasha Ascott.

We are delighted to say that there is a lot that will stay the same despite the change of ownership. Our lovely manager Louise and her super team continue to be at the beating heart of the nursery building strong relationships with parents and close caring relationships with the children who are with us every day.

We are also excited to be introducing new changes and developments to the nursery over the next six months. These can be grouped into three broad areas: children’s environments, team training and development and our systems and technology

Our Environments:

We strongly believe in the insight of early year’s educationalist Emilio Reggio that the environment is the third teacher. As a result we want to make our environments as beneficial as possible for our children.

We are extremely lucky at The Children’s Room to be based on a beautiful site in a Grade 2 listed building with 4 outdoor play areas and lots of space for parking as well.

We think there is lots of opportunity to develop and improve our outdoor spaces to make them more full of nature and open ended provocations for learning. We have started work on a beautiful new outdoor classroom this October which will allow children to explore, take risks (in a safe way) and engage with nature.

Following on from this we will be starting a schedule of decorations and improvements to the rooms in the nursery as well as conducting a full review and revamp of our resources in order to create spaces that allow for child led learning and open ended play.

Our Team:

We know that the experience of children at nursery is only as good as the passion, knowledge and kindness of the adults who care for them. We are very proud of the highly experienced team at The Children’s Room and have put in a place a programme of training and support to allow them to achieve their maximum potential.

This includes working with our Education Expert, Joanne Beighton who is developing our educational ethos and approach as well as delivering monthly training and guidance for our team on early years development.

Our Systems:

Behind the scenes we are beavering away to update our systems so that we can reduce admin, increase our reliance on digital platforms and therefore free up our team to give as much focus as possible to children, families and our practitioners.

We hope this will benefits parents as well as they will be able to get more regular updates in the app on how their children are doing every day as well as simpler systems for billing and booking extra sessions with nursery.

Having said all of this we are very aware that as we make changes we might not get everything right. We are hear to listen and learn from children, parents and our team as we go so that we can continue to improve and refine how we work with the aim of creating the best nursery possible for children to attend.